About Me


My favorite things:

One of my favorite things that I love is traveling. I love to get out and do things. I am an extrovert and love hanging around people. I do enjoy my quiet time, but for the most part I will be out and about. I was the girl in elementary school that always had silent lunch for talking during class. In fact, funny story I was in eighth grade and my teacher called me out into the hallway. He told me we had a problem because I couldn’t sit with my friends because I talked too much. Then he said I couldn’t sit with people I didn’t know because I made friends and would get them talking. But what makes it even funnier is that he said I couldn’t sit alone because I would talk to myself. I just looked at him and said, “Oh right. So what’s the problem?” Lol that still makes me laugh. My dad has always called me his social butterfly and it is quite fitting.

My favorite time of year is the fall and spring because of Thanksgiving and Easter.

I played four sports in High school, but basketball was my real passion.

I have a pet cat who I love dearly. In fact, I am known as a crazy cat lady and I am totally okay with that!20160409_180512

20160811_132224My favorite color is teal or purple and I LOVE FLOWERS. There is just something about a beautiful arrangement of flowers that brings me the simplest joy. I have too many flowers that are my favorite to name, but I do love lilys (imagine that).

For fun I love to read, take singing lessons, and meet with girls for bible studies. Oh and take naps. I love a good Sunday afternoon nap.

I have the biggest sweet tooth ever. It takes some serious willpower for this girl to turn down a chocolate brownie Sunday.

I am a teachers kid so it is safe to say a good cup of coffee will get me through the day.

I love taking sunset and sky pictures. Chances are I’m20160704_195903 that girl you see pulled over on the side of the road just to snap the perfect picture of God’s creation. It amazes me!

I will be graduating from Randolph Community College with an AA degree this May. In June I will be marrying the love of my life. He is my most precious gift from my  heavenly father.  God sure has blessed me with an amazing man who loves the Lord.

I love Jesus with all my heart. Getting the privilege to write and share my journey with you all is someth20151230_120752ing I never planned on doing, but something that God has laid on my heart.

My heart and passion is to help girls and young women understand their true identity. An identity that is only found in Christ. God treasures us and wants us to want a relationship with him. The world will fade, but my God will reign forever. He created us all so beautifully and yet all unique. He has a plan for each and everyone of us.





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