Is God Good…

even through the trials?

Guys please try to understand my heart when you read this post. I care so much about each and every one of you. I care about your decisions and where you spend eternal life. So read this post with an open mind and allow God to speak to you. There is no such thing as a good person. We have all fallen short and have a lot to learn. I speak and write from my own mistakes and a time I persecuted and ran away from the very thing I needed and longed for. God is good even when the circumstances doesn’t feel good. Our relationship with Christ is not based on how we feel (thank God because I’m an emotional person). He is moving and He is coming. Will you let Him move in your life?

My heart is heavy for a nation that is turning away from our Father. Satan is destroying marriages. More and more people are searching just to see if they are simply enough. More people are worried about pleasing others and not stepping on anyone’s toes just to fit in (guilty as charged). Self-worth is nonexistent because we base it off of worldly things. We don’t look to the one who made us to fulfill us. More people allow fear and the lies in their head to take over. More people are just looking for a good time rather than thinking about a lifetime.

We all have a purpose and God has blessed each of us with a gift that was meant to be used to further His kingdom. Paul is a great example in the bible who God blessed with the gift of boldness. Before God redirected his steps, Paul used his gifts for the world. He chose to use his boldness to persecute the church. And yes we all have a choice.

The same boldness that murdered Christians is the same boldness that wrote half the books in the New Testament. It’s the same boldness that didn’t care if he was stoned, jailed, chained to a Roman solider or talked about. Paul had a new reason to use his boldness and it was to profess what God had done in his heart. He was a living breathing testimony of how God can soften the hardest of hearts.

God never gives up on you. I love it! There is nothing God cannot do! How He could still love and accept me after my time of rebellion leaves me speechless. There is truly no other love that can measure up.

We are a lost generation and it’s time for His people to be bold. We’ve got to tell the world what they don’t know and what they choose not to believe. The only question is, how much will you endure for the cross? Enough with the addictions, lies, slander, fear, and depression. Satan has no power, so stop allowing him so much room. We give Satan way too much power and honestly he doesn’t even deserve to have his name capitalized. He is a deceiver, a destroyer, and liar.

He comes in to steal your joy. Why give into someone who wants nothing but the absolute worse for you? He wants you to spend eternity in the fiery pits of hell. God has given us one up on satan because we know how the story ends. Satan will be defeated once again (once and for all). So why choose the losing side? I don’t know about you, but the competitive side of me does not like to lose. So I think I’m going to play it safe and smart and dedicate my life to Christ.

Now don’t let me mislead you, there are still plenty of hardships as a Christian. But a lot of those is God correcting and breaking the chains of the things we’ve done to hurt ourselves. He teaches us and strengthens us through our trial if (and that’s a big IF) we let Him.

Believe it or not there is a reason for the valley. Think about it, if everything went well all the time then you wouldn’t give God the credit where it is due. When you exit a valley you come out on top knowing, singing, praising, and professing that God prevailed. And there is no other explanation of leaving a dark period other than God because brothers and sisters we are not meant to do it alone! He works in numbers. He wants us to unite our gifts and go into the world, communities, churches, social media to tell of what He has done. We are a family and we need to start acting like it.

He will use hard times to redirect us, grab our attention, and to grow our relationship with Him. But hear me when I say there is always a consequence for the choices we make. Good or bad we will see a cause and effect. We choose fear. We choose the addiction. We choose to lust. We choose to cuss. We choose to slander and gossip. We choose the thing that will have a negative effect and yet we are still shocked when there is a repercussion. Wake up my brothers and sisters and set your standards based on God’s word. Wake up and choose to get better and not bitter.

Jesus paid the price for our mistakes over 2000 years ago. He endured great suffering for you and I to be here. Don’t choose to live a life in rebellion and disrespect. I did and I’m still learning how to be healed. I’m learning the reason for the valley. I’m learning that you don’t always have the answers, but He has the reasons. I’m learning to be willing and free.

This world and Satan will tell you to keep it all inside. To isolate yourself and that you alone can fix it. I warn you brother and sister, DO NOT BELIEVE the lie! You are not able nor capable of fixing your messes.

Think of it like this, every week you have trash collectors come by. However, they will only pick up the trash if you remember to put it out (anyone else ever forgot?). The trash collectors won’t come inside the house to collect for us nor will they remind us to put it out. We have to do our part. Uncollected trash can become a big problem. It starts to stink and may become toxic.

Spiritually we need to do our part by being active in placing the things that no longer serve a purpose for the future, nor healthy for consumption, into the trash can. When yesterday’s rubbish remains in your today, it will contaminate the fresh of your future with the stale of the past. A huge clear out once a year is too heavy and overwhelming (where my hoarders at?) If we don’t stay vigilant on our rubbish removal we will begin to suffer from hoarder syndrome. I wish I could say I came up with that analogy all by myself, but I actually read it in a book somewhere. (I know the word vigilant gave my secret away for me.)

Don’t be afraid to open up and share what is going on. Don’t listen to satan and keep it all inside. Tell God and be willing to let Him move through you during the difficult season. I’ve been going through a difficult season myself for the past 8 months and there are things I don’t understand and days I want to just give up.

I have had to change my perspective and prayers. We need to have the revelation that sometimes our prayers are contrary to how God works. But through the tears and questions I am growing deeper. Doesn’t feel like it always and guess what? I haven’t done it alone. I have had supportive friends praying me out of the darkness and speaking life over me. I’ve had a husband who is trying and not giving up and I have a Father who is directing the whole thing. It’s all a part of His plan.

You must know God is not in the business of transporting His people away from their challenges; He is in the business of standing alongside them so that their test can become a testimony. Again, I wish these were my words. It is God’s truth that is helping direct my path through the valley.

God doesn’t think like us. Sometimes we may expect things to happen a certain way. He will not be confined to the limited list of options we present to him. His ways are higher and when He shows up, boy does He show up.

Often when we pray in times of a challenge we have already decided what God’s reply should be and the time frame of when He will respond. This will then cause our frustration and impatience to make our prayer life more like a shopping list of needs. We begin telling orders and not listening to Jesus.

Oh am I guilty of this. We are currently waiting on Jonathan to get a full time job and that’s another blog for another day, but God’s really developing our faith in that situation and teaching us how to pray.

Brothers and sisters I will leave you with this. Keep fighting the good fight. Submit and make God’s word your standards (to do this you have to read the bible). Endure the trials and you can’t do it alone…I’ve tried.

James 1:2-3
Consider it pure joy, my brothers
whenever you face trials of many kinds,
because you know the testing of your faith
develops perseverance.

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