Shining Light

Making the world a brighter place

Matthew 5:16 “In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.”

Morgan Heilig will be 11 years old on March 9th. She has a heart for others and for shining God’s light. This year for Morgan’s Birthday she decided she wanted to do things a little differently. Her oldest sister, Lauryn, was hospitalized at Chapel Hill last year for a week. Lauryn was on the fifth floor which is the floor where bone marrow transplant patients, chemo patients, and cystic fibrosis patients are admitted for their treatment.

When Morgan visited Lauryn she saw how sick these children were. Morgan got to thinking how she could spread joy throughout the fifth floor.

So she decided she wanted to collect teddy bears for her birthday and give them to the children at the hospital. Morgan knew it was important for these children to have something to snuggle up with.

She says, “When you are sick it is nice to have a teddy bear to hold on to.”  Her goal is to collect as many bears as she can, she won’t be allowed to hand them out, but she will be able to deliver them to the hospital.  The nurses distribute the bears to the children as they see the need.

The only rule is that the bears have to be new. Morgan’s rule is that they have to be around 15 inches tall.  She says, “If they are too big they take up too much of the bed and if they are too small you can’t snuggle up with them.”

I love Morgan’s heart and the fact she is taking a day that is all about her and giving back to others. Morgan in an inspiration and exemplifies true servant hood. You reap what you sow and although Morgan will not get to hand the teddy bears out personally, she is going to make a huge impact in a child’s life. Will you help Morgan by donating teddy bears?


If interested in the Teddy Bear Drive please call (336) 937-3219

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