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The Embree Family

When I first started this ministry my intention was to share my story and how God transformed my life. I wasn’t quite sure where it was going to go or what impact it would have. I just knew it was important for others to hear how my love for Christ came to be and that it was a very real thing.

Once I started writing, God gave me a bigger vision. A vision that I am watching and actively waiting to be fulfilled. As I was praying for this vision and expansion of Transforming Grace, I asked God to put the people I needed in my path and that I would encounter relationships that would take Transforming Grace to the next level.  Needless to say, I met the Embree family.

Thinking about it, I don’t really know how I didn’t know this sweet family before. Must be a God thing. Once I heard this family’s story I started praying. Praying for Jacks healing from the car wreck and for strength and wisdom for Christy as a wife and mother dealing with a crisis.

The more I prayed and got to know Christy, I knew God wanted me to help them. But what could I do? That’s when I realized there is so much more to this ministry “thing” then just sharing my story. It’s giving! Share the word and give back to our giving community. So I decided to give 50% of the profit from shirt sales to the family.

Jack Embree is the media specialist at North Eastern Randolph Middle School. He also is a drivers ed. instructor at the high schools. Christy Embree, his wife, is the mother to their 16, 13, 6, and 3 month old. She works at Franklinville Elementary as a media specialist as well. They are so remarkable and their love for God and each other shines from the inside out. Such a special family indeed.

Before I ever met Christy I kept thinking, wow what a super mom and an inspiration to all. She had to take care of her four children, one being a baby, while she was still the home maker and care taker for her husband. Her super powers amazed me.

Once I got to know her, I discovered that her super power and strength came from her prayers, her family’s prayers, and the community’s support.

Jack Embree is a walking miracle. His wreck was on October 21, 2016. Jack was on his way back home from dropping off his driver ed. students when a car t-boned him and hit the driver side door. The accident left Jack in critical condition.

Jack broke three ribs on his right side and all of his ribs on the left. His clavicle pelvic was broken is three places. He also experienced internal bleeding from a punctured lung. The same lung that was punctured had collapsed. Jack also had two punctures in his diaphragm.

Due to these injuries, Jack had to get his ribs and clavicle plated. He was in the hospital for a total of 18 days and is currently taking therapy.

Christy said it has been amazing to watch Jack get around from a wheel chair to a walker to a cane to now slowly walking.

Jack is back at work, but only for half the day. Jacks road to recovery is in full motion, but he still has a long ways to go. Remember this family in your prayers as they are learning to manage a new schedule and overcome this hardship.

At the end of the day God is good. Through it all God still remains on the throne and is in full control of our lives.

Because of the community’s love and availability to give to this ministry and the Embree family, Transforming Grace was able to give a total of $500 to make this time a little easier on the family.

I personally want to say thank you to everyone who has supported this ministry by reading, liking, sharing, praying, and purchasing one of our shirts. I am excited to see what God will do in the future with Transforming Grace.

Thank you Embree family of being a gracious, humble light and example to all to never lose hope and to press on.


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  • Gay Coble
    January 9, 2017

    Jack Embree is a miracle. He is an awesome media specialist. He loves his job and it shows in all he does. He always has time to talk, fix computers or whatever you need in the library. He is very helpful. He has been missed so much these past few months. So glad to have him back with us. He loves the Lord and his family. Very respected and liked by all of us here at NERMS. God still is has plans for this man.

  • Jan Brady
    January 9, 2017

    What an inspiring article! Bless this writer for their gift of writing, for their love of God, and for their desire to better lives. Big things are ahead for you, just keep your light shining!

  • Rhonda evans
    January 9, 2017

    I love my shirt! You are an amazing young lady and I am so proud to have known you since you were a little girl. God bless you for your mission-minded heart! ❤️
    Your contribution to the Embree family was precious!