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Coming together as a community

I sit and take in my surroundings and I cannot help but feel small. I look around in a world full of hate and my heart becomes disgusted and filled with disappointment. I turn on the TV and I see the devil’s work at hand. I stop to think what this world is coming to and in what kind of place my children will grow up. It is so scary, but it is not an issue of race. It is a heart issue. I look around and see my generation’s faith dwindling, living the way they want, and pushing God aside. This is what happens when we choose to live by our rules and not God’s.  God has been here this whole time. In fact, none of the rioting or hatred in this nation surprises Him. For it is us who are choosing not to see God. So the prayer isn’t God help us or God we need you. He is here. He has been here, and He will stay here! The prayer is simply, oh God stir up the hearts of your believers and followers and let us shine your light in the deepest darkest hour! The prayer is for our hearts to be so discomforted by the hate that we have no option but to run to Jesus. The prayer is that there is a movement amongst our young people and no heart will come out the same! The prayer is our prayer. Truth is these same issues accrue in Greensboro and even in our school system. We have got to wake up! God is not a magician who you can keep in your back pocket and use at your expense. He longs for a true intimate relationship with you. A relationship that forever and completely changes you. I speak out to young people as I look around and see our generation coming so far from the gospel. It is our generation that is letting Satan win. It is our generation who is destroying and killing people. The Bible tells us that Satan comes to kill, steal and destroy (John 10:10).  Satan is running out of time. Don’t you get it? He is weak, so he is doing everything in his power to divide God’s people. I say to my fellow young people, Satan’s time may be running out BUT God is just getting starting. It is just starting because where Satan works Jesus is working even harder. I have been uncomfortable by this whole situation of our state and country, so I asked God what can I do because as a believer. I cannot sit back and watch these people shoot and spit upon their brothers and sisters in Christ. As I was praying God showed me what he wanted to do.  Beginning the 29th of September at 7 o’clock I am going to hold a prayer meeting at my father’s blue barn. The address is 6767 HWY 22 North Climax, 27233 NC.  I encourage you to come to this meeting so we can pray together as a community.  These meetings will happen every Thursday until God shows us otherwise. I think at a time like this what our nation, country, state and more importantly our community needs is prayer. So young people this is our time. This is the time we can sit back and watch the world crumble before our eyes or we can fight this war God’s way by humbly falling to our knees and surrendering. Jesus is the only way. Unity in prayer and church is the only way. We need to stir up, for I refuse to look at this is a negative way. It is so easy to see all of this and become bitter, angry, or negative BUT that is what Satan wants. Instead choose to see it through God’s eyes. See that God is on the move and He is inviting you to join Him and His people.


TG Butterfly

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