Not Alone

We are never alone. Even through the deepest, darkest times in our lives Jesus is always there. I am so glad I have found a friend in Jesus. He is the best companion I could ask for and He never forsakes me. I may be misguided by the ways of my own human heart, but when I am willing to submit to His will, He is there guiding my every move. He is my defender, my redeemer, my friend, and my daddy. He is also waiting for you. He longs to have that intimate relationship with you and can fill all the voids in your life. For we were created with the knowledge and understanding of God. Everything we desire and long for,  we can find in Him. He loves you so much that He is always with you. Thank you father for your unchanging love and grace. Amen

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  • Angela Nixon
    September 26, 2016

    Thank you Lily for being an inspiration. God has truly blessed you in so many ways. Thank you!