Mission Trip


This video is a montage of different clips of my mission trip this summer to Ecuador. I was extremely blessed with the opportunity to go and serve. It was another reminder how God works in so many ways. To read more on how he worked in my life through this trip read my blog post called Mission Minded. You can find the article under the blog section.

While we were there I  had to pick on Mrs. Ann. She is definitely not a jungle or wilderness lady, so I made it my mission to capture her every move as were traveled into the jungle. I am sure you will laugh just as much as we did. Her voice and her mannerisms are what make me laugh, but her heart is why I love her. Thank you Mrs. Ann for sharing this experience with me and putting up with me for nine days. Hope you don’t hate me too much for this! God is so good.

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  • Priscila
    September 19, 2016

    This made me so happy!!