Mother’s Day

Mothers make the world go round

mother-dayWithout mothers where would we be? Obviously we wouldn’t be born, but I mean what if we didn’t have these loving, nurturing, gracious women in our world. When a baby is sad who do they typically want? Their mother that’s who! I’m not saying children don’t want their father, but a mother has a special bond with her child that can’t be broken. I mean she did carry them in the womb for 9 months. A mothers touch can sooth any cry and heal any broken heart. A mother’s heart hurts when they see their child in pain. It’s the same for God. He doesn’t want to see any of his children hurting. We are created in His image and I think when God created mothers He gave them that Christ like quality. A tender loving heart that can change the world.

When I was younger I always said I do not want children. My mother would just look in disappointment, shake her head and say, “What! How are you even my child? She is so loving and good with kids that she’s the type of woman who needs to have 6 grandkids or will continue to be a teacher till she is 70.  She used to joke around and say Lily’s never having kids so I guess I better start a business called Rent A Grandma. I mean the woman really loves children!  It kind of became a joke in our family, but now looking at how far 0909161246aI’ve come and how close my mother and I are now, I think why wouldn’t I want that. I want someone to look up to me the same way I look up to her. She is humble, down to earth, and as I call her the perfect teacher church lady. The woman never stops. It is always go go go with her. It is like that for most mothers out there. They run the kids to practice and school, go to work then come home to cook and get things ready for the next day. The life of a mother is definitely a tough one. But the life of a mother is also a rewarding one. I may not have children of my own yet, but my mom’s job has to be rewarding just because my love for her grows every day. There is not a day that goes by where I do not thank God for placing me with the mother I have. Even when I get sassy and am in a mood she loves me through it and God reminds me how blessed I am.

We have never been that much alike. In fact, people would typically say, “Oh you look and act just like your aunt.” But If I didn’t have make up on it was, “Oh you look just like your dad (gee thanks…still hoping to grow out of that).” Funny thing is, the older I get the more I find myself acting and doing things my mom does all the time. Like what is up with that? I am not even married and have children. Why am I already acting like my mother?

Mothers have one of the toughest jobs. I look back at my life and my childhood and say wow mom how did you did it?  On top of running me around everywhere, cooking, cleaning, and teaching, you managed to show up to everything I was involved in. Somehow she has raised a crazy curly headed girl into a woman who is proud to resemble half the person her mother is. Now that I’m older I laugh at how much trouble I was when I was 2 or how in middle school I thought I was “too cool” or “too old” to need my mother. If I could go back and tell myself anything it would be, “Don’t be so angry with the hard decisions your mother will make. They are only tough on you to help and protect you. She has your best interest at heart and would do anything for you so show your gratitude every day.”

Mother’s Day is a day full of love and appreciation. It is a day where mothers can be praised for all the hard work they have done and will do. There are so many amazing mothers out there in this world, but I have to say mine might just trump them all.

My mother has the biggest heart and God has truly blessed her with the gift of giving. Everyone love on your mommas today and tell them just how much you appreciate them.


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